AllyM offers bespoke designs which are handmade with love and passion. Our collections range from classic freshwater pearl designs to a freshwater pearls unequally blended with a verity of colourful gemstones and CRYSTALLIZED™- Swarovski Elements. We only use the best quality materials and work on every piece separately. It is the uniqueness of each piece that makes it so special. Ally M offers you a unique blend of classy and contemporary designs which can be worn on any occasion.

About AllyM designs

Pearls are so unique to the world of gemstones and the exciting thing about them is that they can go with any fashion and will never go out of style! So if you love them already you will never stop loving them and if you are still hesitating to put them on; AllyM collections will offer you a range of designs you will fall in love with.  They are simple, classy and very different at the same time. You are going to find here pieces of jewellery that will create a central statement of your outfit, as well as very delicate and yet unique pieces that will certainly make your outfit stand out. You will soon discover that AllyM jewellery can be worn on a daily basis as well as for this special occasion.

About AllyM

I’m a passionate fashion and jewellery lover, if you can actually call someone that. I have been very fashion orientated since I can remember. The reason I have decided to design my own jewellery is because I was always looking for something a bit different, something more unique, something that you can’t simply find in a standard high street shop. I like to think that each of the collections are unique and at the same time classy. AllyM designs also have a very a unique twist to them.

It all begun a long time ago. when one of my professors told me ‘find what your passion is, turn your passion into your profession and you will always be happy and successful person who delivers an excellent product’. This simple sentence stuck with me to this very day. I definitely found my passion and this is how AllyM came to life. I absolutely love designing and making each and every single one of my designs. I hope you will enjoy browsing our site and will find what you are looking for.

Warmest regards